CD FrontEnd 2014

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It lets you create autorun CDs that automatically run documents in PDF, PPT, DOC, AutoCad and also MP3.

if you want to create fabulous autorun discs containing anything you want to distribute, then CD FrontEnd 2007.16.208 is what you need. As you may be able to gather from its name, CD FrontEnd 2007.16.208 lets you create autorun CDs and DVDs, without needing any previous knowledge, that run automatically when you insert them into the reader. It runs the application you want, whether it be documents in PDF, PPT, DOC, AutoCad or even MP3, etc.

CD FrontEnd 2007.16.208 allows you to create presentations, business cards, catalogues, web-like pages, slideshows, menus, files and programs all on CD and DVD. If you are including formats like PDF and aren't sure if the recipient can read such formats, you can include the right program to help them, ie Adobe Acrobat in this case.

CD FrontEnd 2007.16.208 has a built-in browser so you don't need IE or Firefox or anything. It will all happen directly off the disc you create. You can also password-protect the contents, program them to run on full screen, run automatic thumbnail galleries, etc.


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